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Unedited words from former clients:

"Thank you so much again for the great news! You are the best!" (EB1B client)

"Thanks you so much for your help. You really bailed me out from difficult situation." (EB1A client)

"My case is approved!!! I just can't believe it! Thanks you so much for your professional services in filing my immigration petition, and for your hardworking! I was really impressed by your excellent recommendation letter drafts and the petition letter." (EB1A client)

"That's really a great news for me. Thank you for your effort during this process. You did a terrific job." (EB1A client)

"This is great news! It has been a real pleasure to work with you. You made the application process as smoothly as possible!" (EB1B client)

"Thank you so much!! Yes, I cannot be more relieved!! It just so came on time!! Hope more miracles will happen very soon!! Once again, YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!!" (NIW Client)

"Thank you very much. You are the best! As always." (EB1B Client)

"Unbelievable, Thank you so much for bringing such a great news to me. This might be your first NOID and you finally pull through it. Throughout the whole 140 process, I solely depends on your judgement and it finally paid off. I would recommend you to people like me who has a marginal background and limited knowledge of immigration law." (EB1B Client) 

"That's really a great new for me. Thank you for your effort during this process." (EB1A client)

"I am very happy to got this message. During the preparation and submission, you always make the right decision for me.Thank you so much for the help and I was totally impressed by your professionalism! I would highly recommend you to anyone I know that needs help through the immigration process! YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST, in all perspectives!" (EB1A client)

"OMG, thank you so much, Harry. I cannot believe it. Should you be getting some other documents later? When should I pay you the rest of the legal fee? I am so excited! Thank you very much again!" (EB1B client)

"Thanks a lot!  Because of your excellent work, my case was approved so soon." (NIW client)

"Thank you so much Harry, I cannot thank you enough for your help, you made this possible.  I will call to discuss I485 and plans to send the remainder of attorney fees. Thank you I am so excited!" (NIW client)

"Thanks so much!!!  You are the best attorney ever!" (EB1B client)

"Thank you again for the great works!" (H-1B cleint)

"Dear Harry: Thank you for the great news!!! You are an excellent immigration lawyer! Every immigration lawyer I talked to before you was doubtful of the success of my portfolio/case. You were the only one who said that I am very likely to get approved, and you made it happen. Thank you very much!" (NIW client)

"HI Harry, Our I-485 was approved yesterday. Just want to let you know and thanks a lot for your great work!" (EB1A client after the approval of DIY I-485 application)

"It is very exciting! I am very grateful for your time and effort!" (EB1A Client)

 “I appreciate your wonderful work….” (EB1B client)

 “Thank you so much! It won't happen without your great effort!” (NIW client)

 “This is xxxx. Thank you so much for getting our case approved so fast.” (NIW client)

 “Thanks SO MUCH for your BIG help and excellent direction during this process!!! ... I hope you could continue to help us go through the rest. I only trust you!” (EB1A client)

 "That's very exciting! Thank you for your hard works." (H-1B client)

 “That's awesome!!” (NIW client)

 “Thanks a lot for your help and your great job on my case! I really appreciate it!” (EB1B client)

 “This is great and thank you again for your great job.” (EB1B client)

 “Thank you very much! I appreciate your help! Without your excellent works, I cannot get this approved. I will definitely recommend you when my friends here start their applications.” (EB1A client)

 “Thanks again. You are a good attorney with some eagle, but good! I surely will recommend you to everyone.” (EB1B client, April 2010)

 “As I told you on the phone, we have really appreciated all your helps and suggestion for my in-law's green card application. After going through all these difficulties, they finally got their application approved on site. It is amazing experience! I will definitely refer you to anyone who needs any immigration helps.” (Family immigration client, Aprile 2010)

 “Thank you very much for your great help!” (EB1B client, April 2010)

 “You did a fantastic job in getting this petition approved. If you need testimony please let me know. If we have friends applying for green card, we will definitely more than happy to refer you to them.” (EB1A client, March, 2010)

 “You did a terrific job!”  (EB2/NIW client, February  2010)

 “I can't believe it!  Thank you so much! You are very professional and I am totally impressed by your work ethic and expertise. It has been a very pleasant and satisfactory experience working with you.” (EB1A client, December 2009)

 “I am very happy to hear from you and get this wonderful information.” (EB2/NIW client, January 2010)

 “Great! So fast.” (EB1B client, October 2009)

 “Thank you for delivering such a good new to me! It can not be done without your help!” (EB1A client, August 2009)

 “It is great! Thank you very much for your great effort on my case. My family and I all appreciate you what you did for us.” (EB1A client, August 2009)

 “I feel I am in the dream. Is it possible that they made a mistake?” (EB1B client, August 2009)

 “Thank you so much for your great work.” (EB1B client, February 2010)

 "I just want to say thank you for your help all along the process, which was not as easy as I used to think. You are a good lawyer. I have refered you to my friends and I will continue to do so if some one is seeking for legal service" (Family immigration client, January 2010)