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Extraordinary Ability (EB-1A)


A foreign national beneficiary can qualify for this immigration classification if he or she can demonstrate that he or she possesses a level of expertise that places him or her at the top of his or her field, as shown by national or international acclaim and that he or she continues to work in his or her field of expertise and benefit the United States. Documentation of the beneficiary’s achievements includes: awards, memberships, published material by or about the foreign national, evidence showing the foreign national has judged the work of peers in the field, significant achievements in the field, authorship, exhibition, significant performances, high remuneration, commercial success, or comparable evidence.


Documents and evidence for EB-1A petition include: recommendation letters from experts in the field, job offer letter or working contract from a potential employer, evidence of awards, memberships, being referee for work of others, contribution, publication, leading role in distinguished organizations, media reports, high remuneration, evidence of the beneficiary’s significant influence in the field, including citations on research articles, commentaries, requests for prints or collaborations etc.


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