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Outstanding Professors and Researchers (EB-1B)

A foreign national beneficiary can qualify for this immigration classification if he or she has been recognized internationally as an outstanding teacher or researcher in a specific academic area, as evidenced by at least two of seven types of prescribed documentation: major awards, memberships, citation by others of foreign national's work, judging of peers, original contributions, or publication of work. The foreign national must have at least three years of experience in teaching or research in the academic area and have a prospective job with a U.S. university or institution of higher learning offering either (a) a tenured or tenure-track teaching position in the foreign national's field or (b) a permanent research position, i.e., tenured, tenure track, or for an indefinite time and in which an employee can ordinarily expect continued employment except for good cause; or with an eminent department, division, or institute of a private employer offering a permanent research position. The private employer needs to show that it employs at least three people full-time in research positions and that it has itself achieved documented accomplishments in an academic field.

Documents and evidence for EB-1B petition include: recommendation letters from experts in the field, permanent job offer letter from the sponsoring employer, evidence about the private employer’s reputation in the field and employment of at least three full-time researchers, evidence of beneficiary’s three years of research/teaching experience, evidence of awards, memberships, being referee for work of others, contribution, publication, leading role in distinguished organizations, media reports, high remuneration and evidence of the beneficiary’s significant influence in the field, including citations on research articles, commentaries, requests for prints or collaborations etc.

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