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H-1B-4: A start-up company with two full-time employees intended to hire a talented professional from a foreign country. The company hired Attorney Wang to handle the nonimmigrant worker (I-129) petition. The daunting challenge was: the annual H1B quotations would be filled within two weeks. Attorney Wang and his legal team worked very efficiently and secured the approval of the H-1B petition two days before USCIS announced that they stopped accepting any H-1B petitions.

H1B-3: A middle-size non-profit organization intended to hire a web Editor and offered the position to a job applicant who newly graduated with BA. Attorney Wang was hired to represent the organization for the nonimmigrant worker petition. USCIS questioned whether the position (Web Editor) qualifies as a "specialty occupation". Attorney Wang made a very strong advocacy in answering the RFE and successfully convinced the immigration officer. The petition was approved and the applicant's status was changed from F-1 to H-1B. 

H1B-2: A four-person non-profit charity organization tried to hire a reporter. The daunting legal issue was whether the small organization qualifies as a non-profit research organization. With his critical reading of the immigration law and regulations, attorney Wang collected the most persuasive evidence and successfully convinced USCIS that the small organization, with no PhDs or MSs, does fit the definition of "non-profit research organization". The H-1B was approved with no cap restriction or extra filing fee.


H1B-1: A very small technology service company was founded in January 2009. It only had four full-time employees. In July 2009, this company decided to hire a brilliant scientist and sponsor his H-1B petition. This company hired Attorney Wang for the H-1B petition service. In late August 2009, Attorney Wang filed the petition after receiving the approval of LCA. This petition was approved in early October and the new employee successfully changed his nonimmigrant status from J-1 to H-1B.


Family immigration-2: the client filed family-based immigration petition by himself for his foreign spouse. However, USCIS, through their internal investigation, raised suspicion of immigration fraud in this case and issued a Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID) to the client. Attorney Wang carefully analyzed the case and directed the client to collect the relevant evidence that the client ignored in his initial petition. One month after Attorney Wang sent a strong and convincing answer brief to USCIS, this case was approved.

Family immigration-1:  the client was a U.S. citizen and resided in the country for about 20 years. With the help of friends, the client fell in love with a lady in a foreign country and married her there. Attorney Wang was hired to handle the immigration proceeding for the newly-married couple. Attorney Wang fully utilized Department of State E-filing system for immigration visa application and helped the client to shorten the processing time significnatly. The client's spouse moved to the United States on an approved immigration visa seven months after Attorney Wang filed the initial I-130 petition.