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PERM Cases

PERM/EB2 - IT consulting firm sought labor certification on behalf of lead consultant with advanced degree. With the help of Sarah, Employer conducted mandatory PERM recruitment quickly and effectively within a 30-day period. PERM/labor certification was filed after 60 days and approved within noted processing time without audit. (by Sarah). 

PERM/EB2 – Employer, software design firm, contacted Sarah to file PERM/labor certification on behalf of Employee who had been with the organization for over 5 years (as a student and then after graduation). Employee began career with the Employer as an entry-level associate. By his 5th year, Employee was working as a supervisor. Sarah was able to file an EB2 labor certification by successfully proving that the offered position was “substantially dissimilar” from the position held for the initial 5 year period and, thereby, allowing Employee to benefit from an earlier green card filing date. 
(by Sarah).

PERM/EB2 – Sarah was approached by IT consulting firm to refile a denied PERM/labor certification for Network Engineer, employee. The initial labor certification had been denied due to an error in drafting of job description and employee work experience. Sarah refilled PERM with careful detail to job description and experience and conducted quick and efficient recruitment with no responses by qualified US applicants. Sarah successfully filed second PERM application and received approval for employee reaching 6th year H-1B maximum. 
(by Sarah).

PERM/Other Worker – Sarah filed a second PERM/labor certification for domestic worker who was the beneficiary of a previously approved labor certification and I-140. Sarah worked closely with new employer and employee to conduct timely and inexpensive recruitment. Anticipating an audit because of the nature of the position, Sarah prepared detailed audit file and report prior to submitting PERM. When audit was received, the response was sent immediately without losing time and PERM was subsequently approved. (by Sarah).

PERM/EB-3 – Sarah prepared EB-3 PERM filing for Employer which had previously undergone supervised recruitment for a separate PERM with another lawyer. Sarah worked closely with the Employer to ensure that the job duties were correctly drafted, placed cost effective and timely recruitment, and helped Employee obtain proper employment verification letters. Sarah took extra care to allow recruitment to run beyond statutory minimum and submitted PERM after careful deliberation. Within expected processing time, PERM/labor certification was approved without further supervised recruitment.
(by Sarah).